It happens to us all. Life gets busy and we tend to move through the same familiar motions day in, day out. Our space doesn't change but our lives constantly go through periods of transition. Some are significant, others are minor. Often the space fails to keep up. Before we know it we're feeling jammed in, overloaded, and overwhelmed. Our system is no longer working, there's just no more room to move and that easy going flow we started the year with has all but gone!  You want to move something, shift something, do SOMETHING, but you don't know where to begin.

Energy collects, slows down, and becomes stagnant in areas of inactivity and accumulation. What you really need is to shake things up, sort things out, improve the flow of activity and energy through your space to reflect your current needs, and feel the calm, joy, and flow that doing this will bring.  We may need to re-think your floor plan, your room allocation, or your furniture and it's placement. We may also need to work together to let go of some excess possessions to somewhere appropriate.

Periods of transition may include:​​​​

  • Families seeking normality following a serious illness or death in the family.

  • Moving house, down-sizing, up-sizing, moving near or far.

  • Assimilation of inherited furniture from a loved one.

  • Career-changers wanting space to start a business from home.

  • Families suddenly needing extra accommodation - with seemingly nowhere to put them-blended families, teenagers, in-laws or other family members. 

  • Mums- and dads-to-be preparing for a new addition to the family

  • Retirees, empty-nesters who are preparing to down-size or relocate.

  • Anyone with children! Those goalposts are always moving...

  • A change in employment meaning more, or less, time at home.

Why does my space lack energy and vibrancy?

your space, your sanctuary