About me


From about the age of nine, when I used to ritually clean out my wardrobe and rearrange my room every school holiday, I suspected that I liked to be in tune with my space. That feeling of knowing that I knew what I had and it was where it ought to be was so satisfying. So Zen. I didn’t really have any idea why I felt the need to do it. I’d just pull everything out and start. It usually kept me busy all day!


As a teenager, I still loved  ‘being organised', and I loved being in spaces that felt 'right'. The difficulty for me was working out how to ‘get’ and ‘keep' that feeling of Zen as my life got busier. It just seemed to take so much of my time and for some reason, even if I kept my room exactly the same, it didn't necessarily maintain that Zen … I didn’t know then that I was on the precipice of a huge learning curve.

I discovered that my environment and my head space were definitely connected. By moving things around in my physical space, I would be energised, invigorated and motivated. I became fascinated by the principles of Feng Shui and how energy (Ch'i) flows through and is everything.

My husband and I had four sons within six years.  My realisation of my connection between my head and my environment was a useful piece of self-awareness. That, combined with a career that included the disciplines of nursing and education meant that I also had the opportunity to be guided and learn from those naturally gifted organisers.  I have learned so much about systems, methods, organisational skills, and problem-solving (I've always loved a good puzzle too!). I've also learned how tapping in to the energies in my home and my spaces can impact, both positively and negatively, to corresponding areas of my life. This has led me to pursue further education and I am currently furthering my study in Feng Shui Interior Design.


Our home could not be described as a pristine 'Vogue Living' show piece by all means (after all, there are six of us permanently living here at the moment… need I go on??). But it is comfortable, well-ordered, and welcoming. Above all though, we all feel that it's a harmonious place to relax. It is our happy place. For me , that is what's most important.



I am a firm believer in re-purposing and creatively using what already exists or is already owned. I feel there is enough landfill without us adding to it indiscriminately. I understand that sometimes ‘new’ is better but I’d like to see the ‘old’ get re-used, reduced or recycled wherever possible. I also question the need for extending our homes and mortgages in order to fill them up with more stuff and separating ourselves physically from each other in the process.


I love the challenge of thinking laterally and collaboratively to find more creative ways of using and energising spaces. My goal is to share what I’ve learned with those who need it right now. Life is to be lived to the full. It’s way too short to be overworked, swamped by clutter, weighed down by stress, or feeling stuck or blocked.


Don’t you agree?

Zen Organising is all about feeling peaceful, relaxed, and free.

your space, your sanctuary